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Cosmetic Packaging Philippine Supplier

Finding the Right Cosmetic Packaging Philippine Supplier

The cosmetic packaging Philippines Industry has been around for a long time. There are local manufacturers and suppliers who actually import products from other countries as well. The need for packaging for products such as creams, lotions and perfumes are very high since the Philippine market is very aggressive when it comes to beauty products.

As such, if you would like to enter the cosmetic market as well, it is necessary that you find the right packaging that will help differentiate your products and actually make your brand stand out. One remarkable cosmetic packaging Philippines supplier is They are a company that have been around for a lot of years now and their inventory is quite extensive when it comes to glass or plastic bottles. If you are looking for perfume bottles Unlipack should definitely be the first website you need to go through. This way you won’t have to waste a lot of time, and you will be able to find what you want immediately simply by browsing through their inventory.

Not a lot of companies are confident enough to display their inventory online. However, Unlipack has it there for you including its wholesale price. This way you will be able to decide right away which item is the best for you that can also fit your budget and still help you sell your product in a very competitive market. Furthermore, you won’t even have to order in bulk just so you can try out if these bottles are right for you. Unlipack has a no minimum order policy. You can simply add to car whatever item you need and order it from them. You will just have to pay for the shipping fee of course.

Bottles Divisoria

Unlipack Bottles Divisoria – This is what you have been looking for

If you have been looking for packaging like perfume bottles, cookie jars, or plastic containers, then chances are you have probably visited Divisoria already. If you haven’t though, then you are lucky to be reading this article. This will save you a lot of time as you will no longer actually have to go to that place spend a couple of hours just looking for the best bargains but still not be able to find the right supplier for you.

Unlipack Bottles Divisoria has a wide range of variety when it comes to cosmetic and food containers. The best part is that their prices are even cheaper than what you can find in Divisoria. This is because these their company has mainly concentrated on these types of products, as such they are able to sell these items cheaply.

Instead of wasting your time in Divisoria trying to find different things from different stores, you should just check out the website of You will be quite amazed with what they have in their inventory.

The best part is, even if you are not in Metro Manila (but as long as you are in the Philippines), Unlipack can deliver to you what you need without any minimum requirements. This basically means that if you are just starting your business you can simply order that quantity that you need to try your market.

Want to start testing your perfume product with family and friends? Why not order just 10 or 20 perfume bottles? It’s not a problem at all with Unlipack. This way you will be able to get their comments and suggestions, and you will really be able to test out your business without having to invest a lot of money.

This is also perfect for those in starting a baking business. This company has jars that you can use for cheesecakes, cookies, chocolate candies, etc. You can even label them with your own brand if you wish to.

The Awesomeness of No Minimum Order Required

Here at Unlipack, we pride ourselves of being able to cater to our customers’ needs no matter how small it may be. As such if you are a big company and you need to order a large amount of bottles, or any types of packaging, we will be willing to deliver them to you at the agreed time.

However, even if you are just beginning and would only like to try out the right plastic or glass bottle for you, we can help you as well. You don’t even have to come to our office at all if you are staying outside metro manila. We can have your order delivered to your doorstep.

As the title says we are committed to staying true with the words “No Minimum Order Required”. We know that at the heart of the business industry are the start-ups who are still trying to figure out whether or not their products are indeed what the market is looking for.

It has always been our goal to be of service to the business beginners. We will always do our best to serve you so that you can find the perfect packaging solution.

Don’t hesitate to look at our inventory in our website and send us your inquiries via text, email, or even Facebook messenger J


Why Branding Is Important In The Philippines

The Importance of Branding your business in the Philippines

Have you had your business for quite some time now but never actually thought to develop your own brand? Sure you may already have some customers that are consistently buying from you, however if you really want to grow you should consider developing your very own brand name. Something that people will remember you by and can easily enter their thoughts whenever they think of the products or services that you are offering. Below you will find the reasons why branding is indeed very important for any businesses here in the Philippines.

  1. Your brand in the Philippines will help you get recognition – if you think about it business is a lot about familiarity. People tend to buy from companies that they have already tested and are well rooted. Without a brand, you will never be able to achieve that particular level of significance.
  2. Your brand differentiates you from your competition – Even if you have the same products, your brand name will most likely be different from your competitors, and it is your job to make that name something that your customers can associate with the best. Your name has the power to make you a lot of money as long as you know how to develop and protect it.
  3. Your brand will later on describe your whole business – You should know now that branding is not just about the name. It’s about your company colors, images, and even the culture of your employees and how you treat customers. Think about Starbucks and Mac for example. When you think of those brands you think of their uniforms, the way their personnel treat you, and everything else. A brand can be that powerful.
  4. A good brand will generate referrals – if you have a strong brand that people love, your business will easily become viral as people will refer their friends to come to you as well.
  5. Your brand lets you connect to your customers on a deeper level – With a good brand name, you will stop being just another brick and mortar business. Rather, you will develop into something more trustworthy for your customers. Brand loyalty still exist even to this age, that is why you still have plenty of iPhone user despite of the fact that android phones are everywhere.

Mason Jar Cheesecake Philippines – How to make them No Bake

Happy New Year everyone, I’m pretty sure that just like us you have quite a hangover from your vacation and would rather still be somewhere just laying around drinking some cold beverage pretending that you don’t need to work at all!  Hahaha 😀

For those of you who are eager to jump the year with a new business idea then perhaps this video can actually help. It will teach you how to make Mason Jar Cheesecake Philippines easily and store them in mason jars so that you can easily sell them to your friends or customers. The good thing about cheese cakes is that you don’t need an oven at all. As long as you have the right ingredients and the refrigerator to store them then you are all set. They are so easy to make that you will only need to prepare them once someone orders from you.

Things you need

Cream cheese

Graham crackers crumb

Melted butter

Vanilla (can be vanilla extract)

Lemon juice (and yes you can replace this with calamansi juice of course)

Condensed milk

Mason Jars (Which you can buy from us)

how to choose the right bottle for your product

How to Choose the Right Bottle for Your Product? by Unlipack Philippines

One of the most important things that you should know when it comes to marketing, or selling anything for that matter is that the packaging is as important (or in some cases even more important) than your product itself. After all, if the bottle that you are using for your product is not appealing enough, it will be difficult for you to sell anything at all, and you might lose your business faster than you think. Also, if you are not doing pretty well right now, a makeover of your product (by changing the looks of your packaging) can certainly help as well. So just how do you choose the right bottle? Read below to know more.

  1. Consider your own product – what exactly is your product and what should be the right packaging for it. Sure you may be selling a perfume or an essential oil, or even a cheesecake for that matter; but how do you plan to package it? Do you want to stand-out from the crowd or are you trying to copy another brand and simply want to be mistaken as that product as well? You have to give this a lot of thought, because if you want to be ahead of the game, you should consider using a unique bottle or something that at least not everyone else, especially your competition is using. Imagine the power of the Coca Cola bottle. Just the silhouette of the bottle itself, even if you don’t see the brand name already lets your mind know what it is. This is how your packaging should be.
  2. Consider your customers – You should know everything about your target market. Their age, gender, and what appeals to them. Remember that their decisions are not only based on their needs but also what they think represent them best when it comes to certain products. For example, if you are using perfumes like Channel or Burberry, you probably would not want to be associated with perfumes made by Bench or Penshoppe. Bottles are packaging that can be seen by everyone, if they look cheap and your customers don’t want to look cheap by being seen with them, they most likely will not buy your product.
  3. Consider your own budget – How much exactly are you willing to pay for packaging and how much can you charge your customers for them? This should definitely be one of your concerns as some packaging can be very expensive. However, if your target market is pretty high class anyway, then you should definitely invest on really good looking bottles that are also durable.
  4. Consider where you are sourcing from – You should get a source that will help you meet your demands when it comes to these bottles. After all, if your product takes off you will be requiring a good number of quantities so that you will be able to provide your products to your growing number of customers. Unlipack Philippines will be able to work with you in this type of scenario. Not only do we offer a wide selection of packaging and bottles, we are also committed to constantly meeting your needs.


Christmas Bottles Philippines – Make your own tree from recycled bottles

Christmas is almost here and if you are like me, then you probably have a son or a daughter who will soon have a project at school which involves recycled materials as Christmas decoration. We here at Unlipack of course intend to help you with that so that you will have some fresh ideas before Christmas arrives. At the next couple of weeks, we will be featuring some Christmas bottles Philippines decorations that you can easily do with your kid without having to spend a lot of money. The good news is, if you have enough time, you may actually consider this as something to sell in your local bazaar or perhaps as gift items to your friends. Naturally you can personalize these things your very own way.  For this particular project we will present to you a video about how you can easily make a Christmas tree out of plastic bottles.


Protest Wraps – Why You Should Be Part Of This

Let’s keep this short and simple. You already know about the Laglag bala scheme and you probably hate it as much as we do. A lot of people are now covering their suitcases with cling wraps and paper notes that say “I refuse to be a victim of laglag bala”. Some actually even include a printout photo of Duterte who recently said that he will gladly become the lawyer of the victims of these scams.

Laglag Bala

If doing this on your own luggage seems unsightly to you, you might want to consider the alternative instead; luggage covers. These stretchable cover comes in 3 sizes for your hand carry and your checked-in luggage. You can order something that makes a subtle statement against the laglag bala scheme, so you can make a silent protest and let the authorities know that you are aware of these things.



protest wraps luggage covers

Even without a subtle statement though, these luggage covers will prevent a bullet from being planted inside your bag. The sides of your luggage and the zipper track will all be covered, and it will not be easy for anyone to put anything inside without taking the whole thing off. Designs for these covers vary. Some are even made for couples and families. We can personalize them for you and write your name in it. If you wish, you can even submit your own design.

Here are some couple’s luggage wraps

Couples spandex luggage covers


And if you’re interested we can even make one for the whole family

Family luggage covers


And of course, we do have luggage covers just for travelers. 🙂

Luggage covers spandex


We are accepting orders right now feel free to contact us at any of our hotlines or text us 09175279477


glass bottles philippines


Unlipack Online Shop offers you never ending variations in glass bottles when it comes to size, shape, capacity, and color.  Our product lines ensure you the best kind of bottles so you don’t have to look far because we could provide you what you need.  We have a wide selection to fit your budget and necessity.  Check the different kinds of glass bottles that are in store for you and your business.

  • Wine Bottles: Our wine bottles come in two different colors, clear and antique and paired with different colors of metal screw cap of your choice that come in green, black, blue, maroon and red. It has a large capacity of 750ml.  Our wine bottles are versatile they are not only limited to wine.  They can also be used to store vinegar, soy sauce, oil and fish sauce.


  • Glass Sauce Bottles: Our stylish glass sauce bottles will definitely give a statement to its contents whether its soy sauce, vinegar or oyster sauce, Unlipack has it readily available for you.  It ranges in different sizes starting from 150ml to 500ml.  These glass sauce bottles have two different kinds of caps – plastic white caps and metal lug gold caps.  Some have narrow necks for easy handling.


  • Glass Drink Bottles: Our glass drink bottles are ergonomically designed and very convenient because you can drink the contents right from the bottle instead of pouring it in a drinking glass.  It is tightly sealed to ensure the freshness of your juice or milk or whatever beverage you prefer.  It comes in different sizes ranging from 220ml to 500ml with white plastic caps or metal lug gold caps.  Some have wide neck some have narrow necks depending on the purpose.  It is where you can store your favorite juice, tea, milk or chocolate drink.


  • Glass Boston Amber Round Bottles: These bottles are mainly used for pharmaceutical needs.  Our company has the required sizes for you and your customers’ need.  It comes in different sizes ranging from 15ml to 120ml where the smallest, 15ml is a “second hand” bottle but is thoroughly sterilized for health purposes and comes with brand new plastic screw caps that come in black or white.


These types of bottles can be used as a container for hydrogen peroxide, tincture Merthiolate, nail polish remover and cuticle remover to name a few.  Others use it for essential oils and liniments.


  • Glass Spray Bottles: Our glass spray bottles will generate more sales if you are running a business for a perfume or repacking them to smaller portions. They would look much prettier if placed inside a box and label it with your business or company’s name and be a business magnate sooner.


We have many types of glass spray bottles that come in many sizes, shapes, styles and colors.  The bottles itself can be frosted or clear with different kinds of spray in different colors.  The unique and pretty designs and styles are hard to resist.  Customers will surely love having their perfumes inside these stylish bottles that looks expensive and sophisticated.  Caps and sprays are metal or plastic.






Unlipack has the variety of glass jars you will ever need for your food packaging.  It comes in different sizes, colors, shapes and designs that is absolutely attractive.  These glass jars are cost-effective partnered with lug caps which are easy to open and close and the great thing about it is it’s Teflon-coated.  It has large opening for better filling and dispensing of the contents with little effort.

  • Thick Wall Glass Jars: This type of glass jar is fast becoming a favorite container for small cakes that you put inside the jar prolonging its shelf-life because of its metal lug cap that can seal well and can endure such temperature because of its thick manufacture.  Metal lugs are available in gold and silver.


  • 250ml Glass Square Straight Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU GSJ-MLC-250ml-gold ₱26.00

SKU GSJ-MLC-250ml-white ₱26.00


  • 370ml Glass Quilted Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU GQJ-MLC-370ml-Gold ₱19.38

SKU 00004 (white) ₱19.38

SKU GQJ-MLC-370ml-Silver ₱19.38


  • 250ml Wave Glass Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU WGJ-MLC-250ml-gold ₱26.00

SKU GQJ-MLC-370ml-white ₱27.00

SKU GQJ-MLC-370ml-silver) ₱27.00


  • 9oz Straight Glass Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU GSJ-MLC-9oz ₱22.83


  • 16oz Straight Glass Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU GSJ-MLC-16oz-gold ₱28.08

SKU GSJ-MLC-16oz-silver ₱28.08


  • 125ml Glass Short Straight Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU GSSJ-MLC-125 ₱17.00


  • 300ml Straight Glass Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU 00006 (gold) ₱26.00

SKU 00007 (silver) ₱26.00


  • Mason Jars: Our mason jars comes in different spectacular colors that will surely captivate one’s attention.  It is now a favorite and preferred container for drinks among restaurants and bars for their beer, sodas, teas, juices, coffee and smoothies.  Adding to the genuine idea are different colors and designs of the mason cap.


  • 550g Violet Mason Jar with Handle


SKU 550G-MASON-BLUE ₱145.00

SKU 550G-MASON-LTGRN ₱145.00

SKU 550G-MASON-PINK ₱145.00

SKU 550G-MASON-CLEAR ₱100.00


  • 500g Clear Mason Jar



  • 500g Clear Plain Mason Jar



  • Mason Jar Caps

SKU MASON-CAPS (no price available)


  • Glass Straight Jars: These types of jars have many uses for several types of products.  Unlipack will provide you with good variety of sizes for different purposes like candy storage, sweets, cookies, and cakes and other delicacies without inviting insects because it is well-sealed.


  • 30ml Straight Glass Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU GSJ-MLC-30ml ₱12.00


  • 100ml Straight Glass Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU GSJ-MLC-100ml-gold ₱12.70


  • 150ml Straight Glass Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU 00019 (gold) ₱13.30

SKU 00020 (white) ₱14.30

SKU GSJ-MLC-150ml-silver ₱14.30


  • 200ml Straight Glass Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU GSJ-MLC-200ml-gold ₱15.15

SKU GSJ-MLC-200ml-white ₱15.15


  • 720ml Straight Glass Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU GSJ-MLC-720ml-gold) ₱25.00

SKU GSJ-MLC-720ml-white ₱26.00

SKU GSJ-MLC-720ml-silver ₱26.00


  • Glass Round Jars: These are classic jars that serve a variety of uses such as containers for spreads, jams, cheese or peanut butter.


  • 8oz Glass Round “Mayo” Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU MAYO-MLC-8oz-white ₱17.50

SKU MAYO-MLC-8oz-gold ₱17.50

SKU MAYO-MLC-8oz-silver ₱17.50


  • 17oz Glass Round “Mayo” Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU 00012 (gold) ₱21.42

SKU 00012 (white) ₱21.42


  • 24oz Glass Round “Mayo” Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU MAYO-MLC-24oz-white₱25.96

SKU MAYO-MLC-24oz-gold ₱25.96


  • 32oz Glass Round “Mayo” Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU MAYO-MLC-32oz-gold ₱28.17

SKU MAYO-MLC-24oz-white ₱28.17


  • 240ml Glass Round “Mayo” Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU 00015 (silver) ₱18.45

SKU 00016 (gold) ₱18.45

SKU 00017 (white) ₱18.45


  • 500ml Glass Round “Mayo” Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU 00009 (gold) ₱25.63

SKU 00010 (white) ₱25.63


  • Glass Fancy Jars: Not all persons have the same taste when it comes to style.  Unlipack caters to your every glass jar needs whether it’s common or something extraordinary.


  • 12oz Glass “Peanut” Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU PEA-MLC-12oz-gold   ₱18.00

SKU PEA-MLC-12oz-white   ₱18.00

SKU PEA-MLC-12oz-silver   ₱18.00


  • 370ml Glass Quilted Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU GQJ-MLC-307ml-Gold ₱19.38

SKU GQJ-MLC-307ml-Silver ₱19.38

SKU 00004 (white) ₱19.38


  • 250ml Wave Glass Jar (Metal Lug Cap)

SKU WQJ-MLC-250ml-gold ₱26.00

SKU WQJ-MLC-250ml-white ₱27.00

SKU WQJ-MLC-250ml-silver ₱27.00