glass bottles philippines


Unlipack Online Shop offers you never ending variations in glass bottles when it comes to size, shape, capacity, and color.  Our product lines ensure you the best kind of bottles so you don’t have to look far because we could provide you what you need.  We have a wide selection to fit your budget and necessity.  Check the different kinds of glass bottles that are in store for you and your business.

  • Wine Bottles: Our wine bottles come in two different colors, clear and antique and paired with different colors of metal screw cap of your choice that come in green, black, blue, maroon and red. It has a large capacity of 750ml.  Our wine bottles are versatile they are not only limited to wine.  They can also be used to store vinegar, soy sauce, oil and fish sauce.


  • Glass Sauce Bottles: Our stylish glass sauce bottles will definitely give a statement to its contents whether its soy sauce, vinegar or oyster sauce, Unlipack has it readily available for you.  It ranges in different sizes starting from 150ml to 500ml.  These glass sauce bottles have two different kinds of caps – plastic white caps and metal lug gold caps.  Some have narrow necks for easy handling.


  • Glass Drink Bottles: Our glass drink bottles are ergonomically designed and very convenient because you can drink the contents right from the bottle instead of pouring it in a drinking glass.  It is tightly sealed to ensure the freshness of your juice or milk or whatever beverage you prefer.  It comes in different sizes ranging from 220ml to 500ml with white plastic caps or metal lug gold caps.  Some have wide neck some have narrow necks depending on the purpose.  It is where you can store your favorite juice, tea, milk or chocolate drink.


  • Glass Boston Amber Round Bottles: These bottles are mainly used for pharmaceutical needs.  Our company has the required sizes for you and your customers’ need.  It comes in different sizes ranging from 15ml to 120ml where the smallest, 15ml is a “second hand” bottle but is thoroughly sterilized for health purposes and comes with brand new plastic screw caps that come in black or white.


These types of bottles can be used as a container for hydrogen peroxide, tincture Merthiolate, nail polish remover and cuticle remover to name a few.  Others use it for essential oils and liniments.


  • Glass Spray Bottles: Our glass spray bottles will generate more sales if you are running a business for a perfume or repacking them to smaller portions. They would look much prettier if placed inside a box and label it with your business or company’s name and be a business magnate sooner.


We have many types of glass spray bottles that come in many sizes, shapes, styles and colors.  The bottles itself can be frosted or clear with different kinds of spray in different colors.  The unique and pretty designs and styles are hard to resist.  Customers will surely love having their perfumes inside these stylish bottles that looks expensive and sophisticated.  Caps and sprays are metal or plastic.




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