how to choose the right bottle for your product

How to Choose the Right Bottle for Your Product? by Unlipack Philippines

One of the most important things that you should know when it comes to marketing, or selling anything for that matter is that the packaging is as important (or in some cases even more important) than your product itself. After all, if the bottle that you are using for your product is not appealing enough, it will be difficult for you to sell anything at all, and you might lose your business faster than you think. Also, if you are not doing pretty well right now, a makeover of your product (by changing the looks of your packaging) can certainly help as well. So just how do you choose the right bottle? Read below to know more.

  1. Consider your own product – what exactly is your product and what should be the right packaging for it. Sure you may be selling a perfume or an essential oil, or even a cheesecake for that matter; but how do you plan to package it? Do you want to stand-out from the crowd or are you trying to copy another brand and simply want to be mistaken as that product as well? You have to give this a lot of thought, because if you want to be ahead of the game, you should consider using a unique bottle or something that at least not everyone else, especially your competition is using. Imagine the power of the Coca Cola bottle. Just the silhouette of the bottle itself, even if you don’t see the brand name already lets your mind know what it is. This is how your packaging should be.
  2. Consider your customers – You should know everything about your target market. Their age, gender, and what appeals to them. Remember that their decisions are not only based on their needs but also what they think represent them best when it comes to certain products. For example, if you are using perfumes like Channel or Burberry, you probably would not want to be associated with perfumes made by Bench or Penshoppe. Bottles are packaging that can be seen by everyone, if they look cheap and your customers don’t want to look cheap by being seen with them, they most likely will not buy your product.
  3. Consider your own budget – How much exactly are you willing to pay for packaging and how much can you charge your customers for them? This should definitely be one of your concerns as some packaging can be very expensive. However, if your target market is pretty high class anyway, then you should definitely invest on really good looking bottles that are also durable.
  4. Consider where you are sourcing from – You should get a source that will help you meet your demands when it comes to these bottles. After all, if your product takes off you will be requiring a good number of quantities so that you will be able to provide your products to your growing number of customers. Unlipack Philippines will be able to work with you in this type of scenario. Not only do we offer a wide selection of packaging and bottles, we are also committed to constantly meeting your needs.