Protest Wraps – Why You Should Be Part Of This

Let’s keep this short and simple. You already know about the Laglag bala scheme and you probably hate it as much as we do. A lot of people are now covering their suitcases with cling wraps and paper notes that say “I refuse to be a victim of laglag bala”. Some actually even include a printout photo of Duterte who recently said that he will gladly become the lawyer of the victims of these scams.

Laglag Bala

If doing this on your own luggage seems unsightly to you, you might want to consider the alternative instead; luggage covers. These stretchable cover comes in 3 sizes for your hand carry and your checked-in luggage. You can order something that makes a subtle statement against the laglag bala scheme, so you can make a silent protest and let the authorities know that you are aware of these things.



protest wraps luggage covers

Even without a subtle statement though, these luggage covers will prevent a bullet from being planted inside your bag. The sides of your luggage and the zipper track will all be covered, and it will not be easy for anyone to put anything inside without taking the whole thing off. Designs for these covers vary. Some are even made for couples and families. We can personalize them for you and write your name in it. If you wish, you can even submit your own design.

Here are some couple’s luggage wraps

Couples spandex luggage covers


And if you’re interested we can even make one for the whole family

Family luggage covers


And of course, we do have luggage covers just for travelers. 🙂

Luggage covers spandex


We are accepting orders right now feel free to contact us at any of our hotlines or text us 09175279477